Recap.FM's new look...

Caution, paint may still be a little wet.

Hey, it’s been a minute since the last newsletter. It wasn’t because we we’re slacking off…well, maybe a little. But work was being done. Promise.

Without further ado, we’re proud to unveil our new homepage!


A little cleaner, a little meaner and most importantly, much easier to navigate. And it showcases all of the podcasts we have to offer by category.

You find our most recent podcasts, Watchmen Recap & The Mandalorian Recap, right on the front page.

All that said, we always value your feedback. Like it. Hate it. Let us have it. (The site is built on Check ‘em out.)

Let’s Talk About…

We’ll keep this update short because we need to get back to work on some other new stuff coming soon. But how do you feel about trying a new segment in this newsletter that we’ll call, “Let’s Talk About…”? We’ll pose a question or topic as a discussion thread and then let’s let our thoughts/comments fly. Might be fun.

So here we go…

Let’s Talk About…

With the success of “Joker”, it looks like we’ll be getting a “Joker 2”. Do we need a sequel? Why or why not?

Click the link & post your thoughts in the discussion thread. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

(In case you missed the last newsletter, we’ll posted an exclusive “Joker” review.)

Have a great holiday week and we’ll talk again soon,

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