Recap.FM Report Issue # 1

When the credits roll, let's talk.

Boy, we sure do talk a good game. How long has it been since we’ve been touting the coming of this email newsletter? Too long is the correct answer…

But here it is and we hope it’s worth your time. (And if we’re lucky, worth sharing. Wink. Wink.)


Thank You. You are here because you want to be here. That means a lot to us. A whole lot. You didn’t need a bribe or promise of a free ebook. Or some other slimy, overused tactic to share your email address with us.

Tells us that you like what we’re doing with Recap.FM. Or maybe you took pity on us whining about it on every podcast episode we produce. We’ll take what we can get…


What’s going on with Recap.FM?

It’s been a little over 2 months since we dropped the 1st episodes of our Good Omens Recap and have since created 4 more podcasts, re-branded 1 (Fear the NthCast) and have at least 5 more scheduled to drop before year end.

Current Shows:

Good Omens Recap

Chernobyl Recap

Stranger Things Recap

Preacher Recap (formerly Fear the NthCast)

The Boys Recap

The Dark Crystal Recap

Coming Soon:

Creepshow Recap

Watchmen Recap

The Witcher Recap

His Dark Material Recap

The Mandalorian Recap

Insane. We’re aware. Not sure we’ll ever sleep again…

Plans for the Future…

I’ll get right to it. We’ll have to monetize. There’s no way around it. Because things cost money.

One of the ways may be charging a monthly subscription right here through the Substack platform. Now, it doesn’t make sense to keep our best content out of the ears of listeners who can’t afford another monthly bill. We’re working through ideas and details to what monetization for us looks like.

You get it. So we don’t want to harp on it. But we want you to be aware of where we’re headed. Any feedback is appreciated.

Next Issue:

We’ll pull back the curtain so that you get to know us better and why we decided to start the Recap.FM network. With questions like: Exactly how many people are working on this? What got us into podcasting? What’s our day jobs? Are we all cat lovers? Riveting stuff. Brace yourself!

Thank you for reading and listening to our podcasts. Hit us up on Twitter: @RecapFM

If you could help spread the Recap.FM gospel this week, we’d appreciate it. And do something nice for someone this week…without them knowing. You’ll be happy you did. Promise.


Josh Wade - Marketing/Infrastructure Lead

Twitter: @JoshWadeFM Email: josh@Recap.FM

P.S. - My son and I just got back from watching IT: Part Two. More than satisfied with this follow-up. Very good and the casting was spot on. Lots to talk about! Stay tuned to your email for this exclusive bonus podcast! And be thinking about what other shows/movies you want to here about…Let us know!