The Recap.FM Report is Coming Soon...

What is the Recap.FM Report you say? What the heck is Recap.FM for that matter?

Short version: Recap.FM is a TV/Film podcast network created by JD Lee, Seale Adams, Jason McMinn, & Josh Wade.

We all watch too much TV and decided why not record all our conversations. Into individual podcasts for each show.

That way folks don’t have to listen to us palaver about shows they don’t care about.

But we know (ok, hope) you’ll want to listen to all of them. And that you want to share with your friends. And make new friends in the Recap.FM community.

That’s where this newsletter/blog comes in.

We’ll be sending out weekly updates to let you know what podcasts have new episodes, announce what upcoming shows & movies we plan to cover and other exclusive stuff we haven’t even thought of…yet. But it’ll be cool. Promise.

We appreciate you joining us and look forward to talking to you. You can find us on social media @RecapFM. Come say hi!

Talk to you soon. - Josh

When the Credits Roll, Let’s Talk.