The Mandalorian : Sanctuary Let’s talk about The Mandalorian : Sanctuary (104)…what are your thoughts?
Let’s Talk About…Do we Need a "Joker" sequel?With the success of “Joker”, it looks like we’ll be getting a “Joker 2”. Do we need a sequel? Source: Hollywood Reporter
Caution, paint may still be a little wet.
Let's Talk About "Joker"...Listen now (41 min) | We’re kicking off our exclusive content parade with Seale & JD discussing “Joker”. We hope you enjoy it. Feel free to forward thi…
When the credits roll, let's talk.
When the credits roll, let's talk.
What is the Recap.FM Report you say? What the heck is Recap.FM for that matter? Short version: Recap.FM is a TV/Film podcast network created by JD Lee,…