Let’s Talk About…Do we Need a "Joker" sequel?

With the success of “Joker”, it looks like we’ll be getting a “Joker 2”. Do we need a sequel?

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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Let’s Talk About…

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Let’s Talk About…

With the success of “Joker”, it looks like we’ll be getting a “Joker 2”. Do we need a sequel? Why or why not?

Click the link & post your thoughts in the discussion thread. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

(In case you missed the last newsletter, we’ll posted an exclusive “Joker” review.)

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Let's Talk About "Joker"...


We’re kicking off our exclusive content parade with Seale & JD discussing “Joker”.

We hope you enjoy it. Feel free to forward this to anyone who might enjoy it. Appreciate the help in spreading the word!

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It’s October. Arguably the best month of the year.

And if you are a Horror fan and you’re not watching Creepshow on Shudder, what are you doing with your life? Seriously, though it is great and cheesy and oozing with nostalgia. We’ve already seen a Stephen King adaptation, a creepy psychological thriller centered around a doll-house, and Nazis vs. Werewolves. What more do you want!?

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*Showrunner Damon Lindelof says the show is only designed for one season. We’ll see…

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